Top 7 Web3 Games – Not To Be Missed in 2024

The rise of Web 3.0 has influenced various industries, including gaming. Each day, a new and crazily Web 3.0 game enters the market, capturing the attention of players all over the world. These games offer a more engaged and fun experience for players by making effective use of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized networks.

However, with so many options on the market, choosing the best Web 3.0 games might be challenging. To simplify your work, we’ve indexed the top Web 3.0 games in this article based on opinions feed. Before we proceed to learn more about the Top 7 Web3 Games in the gaming world, let us define what Web 3.0 games are.

What is Web3 Games? | Web3 Gaming Projects

Imagine playing a super cool game where you OWN the stuff you earn! That’s the magic of Web3 games! Web3 gaming projects are like a super cool, futuristic version of gaming where you’re not just a player, but also the owner!

Think of it like this: Instead of just collecting cool virtual items that are stuck in the game, you can buy, sell, and even trade them with other players, just like you would in the real world. Gamers must be thankful to Blockchain Technology because it is a super secure and totally transparent way to keep track of ownership.

The most popular web3 gaming projects are Sorare, Planet IX, Aurory, DeFi Land, and Zed Run.

Top 7 Web3 Games | Best Web3 Video Games You Must Follow. 

Guess what? The Web3 gaming world is always buzzing with new and thrilling titles emerging all the time. Because these games are developed on blockchain technology and use NFTs, they are changing the meaning of digital asset ownership and trading.

Let’s have a peek at the top Web3 games available right now throughout the world, which are classified by wonderful factors like player base, popularity, gameplay, and earning potential:

1 – Axie Infinity

Let’s dive into Pokémon-inspired adventure. Axie Infinity is widely considered the pioneer of play-to-earn Web3 gaming.

In this game, players collect and breed Axies, digital creatures they can use to battle, adventure, and earn amazing rewards.

Axie Infinity isn’t just a game; it boasts a large and active community, and its native token, AXS, has a heavyweight in the market capitalization.

2 – The Sandbox

Just picture this: a Voxel-based metaverse where you can create, own, and monetize your experiences. That’s exactly what gamers will get from Sandbox.

Even though The Sandbox is under development, but it already provides a wide range of creative tools and opportunities.

Plus, It has partnered with well known brands and celebs. Their native token, SAND, is becoming popular in the cryptocurrency space.


3 – Decentraland

Decentraland, a well-known metaverse platform, allows users to buy land, create amazing structures, and host spectacular events in a virtual environment.

Decentraland is an entire economy, not simply a game. In the virtual world, products and services can be bought and sold using MANA, their native token.

4 – Illuvium

Brace yourself for an open-world adventure. Illuvium game features stunning graphics and a unique combat vibe.

Illuvials are creatures that players can train and capture to help them in combat or world exploration.

lluvium is a work in progress, but it’s already stealing the spotlight. Its native token, ILV, has a promising future.

5 – Gods Unchained

Ready for a play-to-earn twist on the classic card game genre?

In Gods Unchained, you can exchange and collect cards featuring images of gods and heroes from different myths.

It’s not just about cards; Gods Unchained features strategic gameplay and a robust economy. GODS, its native token, can be used to buy and sell cards.

6 – Gala Games

Step into the diverse world of Gala Games. This platform offers a wide range of Web3 games, each with its unique gameplay and earning capabilities.

The most popular Gala Games titles are Town Star, Mirandus, and Spider Tanks.

Gala Games stands out for its focus on community and player ownership. GALA, their native token, is the centrepiece of the ecosystem as a whole.

7 – Midas Miner

Ever dreamt of striking gold? This gold-mining adventure game, Midas Miner, allows players to earn rewards by mining for virtual gold.

Midas Miner is simple to use, entertaining, and provides players with a consistent flow of rewards.

Its native token, MIDAS, is used for buying upgrades and in-game items.

How to play web3 games?

Although Web3 games are quite simple, they can be a little confusing at first. So, here’s a quick guide for all the excited players to get you started and earn:

1. Choose your game: Explore the different Web3 games available and choose one that interests you. Popular choices include Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Gods Unchained.

2. Set up your wallet: You’ll need a crypto wallet to store your in-game digital assets and tokens. Popular options include MetaMask and Phantom.

3. Purchase in-game assets: Depending on the game, you may need to purchase some initial items or characters to get started.

4. Start playing and earning: Enjoy the game and explore its different features. Most Web3 games reward you for your successes with tokens or NFTs.

5. Trade or sell your assets: If you’ve earned valuable tokens or NFTs, you can sell them on marketplaces like OpenSea.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Many Web3 communities are welcoming and supportive. There are forums, Discord servers, and even in-game tutorials to help you.

So, go ahead and conquer the world of Web3 gaming! It’s an exciting new limit with endless possibilities.

The Benefits of Web3 Gaming

Think traditional games are fun? Wait till you hear about web3 games! They’re like the super-powered versions, giving you amazing benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s dive into the coolest perks:

  • You’re the Boss: Own your in-game items like awesome weapons, cool characters, and even virtual land!
  • Play Beyond Borders: Web3 games provide borderless transactions, enhanced security through blockchain, and the play-to-earn model, which allows players to earn actual rewards and promotes accessibility for gamers globally.
  • Power to the Players: Web3 games are often built by communities, with players having a say in how things work.
  • Game and Earn: Who says playing can’t be rewarding? With web3 games, you can earn crypto or other cool stuff!
  • The Future is Bright: Imagine a world where games are more engaging, rewarding, and truly yours – that’s the world of web3 gaming!

So, try out some web3 games and discover for yourself how much fun they are!

 The Future of Web3 Games | Is Web3 Gaming the Future?

Imagine playing games where you fully OWN the stuff you earn, and can even make money while playing! That’s the magic of Web3 gaming, changing the game completely.

Here’s a glimpse of what the future holds:

  • Be the boss: Own your in-game items and freely exchange them with other players.
  • Play to win: Earn cryptocurrency and other rewards for your gaming skills.
  • Shape the game: Community-driven governance allows players to shape the game’s future. ️
  • Explore endless worlds: Experience breathtaking virtual worlds like never before.
  • Connect and play: Cross-chain compatibility allows you to move easily between different games.

Web3 gaming offers players true ownership and total control over their in-game assets.

Beyond that, it has various benefits that have the potential to transform the gaming industry, including digital asset ownership, community governance, and cryptocurrency rewards.

So, it is clear that Web3 gaming is undoubtedly the future.

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Q: Are there any good Web3 games?

Some of the top Web3 games are mentioned here based on their unique features:

  1. Gala Games’ The Walking Dead Empires
  2. Phantom Galaxies by Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands
  3. Hunters On-Chain
  4. Axie Infinity
  5. My DeFi Pet

Q: How big is Web3 gaming?

The Web3 gaming industry is growing rapidly, with a total value of $4.9 billion in 2021 and projected to reach $40 billion by 2025. Factors driving this increase are blockchain popularity, cryptocurrency interest, innovative games offering player control, and many more.

Q: What must a Web3 game absolutely have?

A Web3 game must have the following: Blockchain-based infrastructure, Play-to-earn mechanic, Strong community engagement, and Revolutionary gameplay


As we discussed above, Web3 games are a fascinating revolution in the gaming world, thanks to blockchain technology. These games are redefining the meaning of digital asset ownership and exchange by incorporating NFTs.

We could say that BigTime, Otherdeed, Legends of the Mara, Wreck League, Sage Labs, Shrapnel, and Helix Metaverse are certainly the top 7 Web3 games due to their rising popularity.

If you have any queries or any feedback on this article then please feel free to comment us down below. Thank you.

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