Intel Stock: Is Intel a Good Stock to Buy?

Intel is the world leader in microprocessors that can be found in all your electronic devices. But still, the big question is always there “Is Intel a Good Stock to Buy?”. Discover our analysis of the company’s mission, its activities, its financial performance, and the prospects for investing in Intel shares on the stock market.

Who is Intel Corporation? Mission Intel – World Leader in Semiconductors

Intel positions itself as a major technology player with a clear mission: “Deliver world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on Earth.” 

Intel’s vision is to “lead the industry in creating a world that anticipates and responds to people’s needs and desires.” This reflects an ambition centered on innovation and societal impact.

Intel’s core corporate values ​​focus on customer obsession, bold leadership, continuous learning, inclusion and diversity, and social and environmental responsibility. These values ​​reflect a commitment to excellence, technological advancement, and social responsibility.

Intel’s bold leadership in the rapidly changing industry involves listening to customer needs, delivering innovative solutions, and taking calculated initiatives to remain competitive.

In a rapidly evolving technology field, continuous learning and improvement are crucial, while inclusion and diversity are vital for fostering a diverse company culture.

Finally, Intel’s social and environmental responsibility highlights its commitment to operating sustainably and ethically, taking into account its impact on society and the environment.

Intel’s Strategy for the Future: Want to dominate the stock market?

Intel’s strategy to maintain its leadership in a data-centric world involves various strategic axes.

  • Intel plans to expand its market reach to software and services, aiming to reach a total addressable market of nearly $300 billion by 2024.
  • Intel is prioritizing growth, execution improvement, strategic capital allocation, and cultural evolution to significantly impact customer success.
  • Intel’s commitment to product innovation ensures the delivery of software and silicon solutions that meet high customer expectations and maintain industry leadership.
  • The company aims to spearhead significant technological advancements that will significantly transform computing and communications, including AI, 5G transition, and distributed intelligence at the edge.
  • Intel’s future vision includes faster data movement and storage, processing complex cloud applications, self-driving cars, and low-power devices.

Intel’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Based on the provided information and SWOT analyses from various sources, the strengths and weaknesses of Intel Corporation can be summarized as follows:

Strong market position in server chipsVulnerability to competition
Investment in new technologiesChallenges in transitioning to newer manufacturing
Extensive manufacturing capacity and R&D resourcesDeclining revenue in the PC chip business
Strong brand reputation and customer baseLimited presence in high-growth markets
Financial stability and dividend payoutsHigh reliance on a single product category
Leading the technology marketNo service in developing countries
Huge market shareServices are relatively slower in many developing countries like India
Wide product rangeOverproduction
Economies of scaleNot Diverse
High-efficiency fabrication processesLimited presence in the mobile market
Diversified product portfolioCompetition from rivals
Strong market positionManufacturing delays
Intel inside campaignOver-production of products
Brand valueDecrease in profit earned
Intel’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding Intel’s Business

Intel, a leader in the semiconductor industry, generates revenue from several segments:

1. Intel Client Computing Group (CCG, 56% of turnover)

This segment generated $7.9 billion in the third quarter of 2023. It represents the core of Intel’s business with its microprocessors and other computer components sold to OEMs and end users for all types of machines (thin PCs and light, commercial, or even gaming).

2. Data Center and AI Group (DCAI, 27% of turnover)

This segment generated $3.8 billion in the third quarter of 2023. It covers sales of server chips and other components to enterprises and cloud service providers.

3. Network and Edge Group (NEX, 11% of turnover)

This segment generated $1.5 billion in the third quarter of 2023 and is responsible for promoting technology assets for networks to edge intelligence.

4. Mobileye Company (4% of turnover)

This segment generated $530 million in the third quarter of 2023. Mobileye is a global leader in driver assistance and autonomous driving solutions, covering the entire spectrum required for this business.

5. Intel Foundry Services (IFS, 2% of turnover)

This segment generated $311 million in the third quarter of 2023. It is an independent, vertically integrated foundry company offering a broad range of manufacturing services to meet unique product needs.

6. Distribution of Intel’s international sales

Revenue is distributed geographically as follows: United States (26.2%), China (27.2%), Singapore (15.3%), Taiwan (13.1%) and others (18.2%) %).

Is Intel a Good Stock to Buy?

Intel Corporation Stock Analysis: Intel Fundamental Analysis

When it’s about Intel Corp Stock Analysis, it can be viewed from various perspectives, including performance, earnings, dividends, and market share.

Here is Intel’s latest financial performance:

1. Comments from Intel CEO during Q3 2023 Earnings Release

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger highlighted the company’s significant progress in its product and process plans, along with the positive momentum in the adoption of AI. He highlighted Intel’s outstanding financial results, which exceeded expectations for the third consecutive quarter.

2. Intel Turnover on the rise

Intel’s Q3 revenue soared to $14.2 billion, a 9% increase from the previous quarter and $750 million above forecast, largely due to higher average selling prices.

3. Intel gross margin and EBITDA down, but above estimates

The gross margin of 45.8%, 280 basis points higher than expected, indicates effective cost management and improved profitability. Intel’s EBITDA for the twelve months ending September 30, 2023, was $6.752 billion, down 68.27% from the prior year.

4. Net income and Intel earnings per share down sharply, but above expectations

Intel’s earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter were $0.41, beating forecasts of $0.21 on strong revenue, improved gross margins, and disciplined expense management operations. Intel earnings q3 2023 was $0.297 billion, a decrease of 70.85% from the previous year.

5. Intel Free Cash Flow

Intel’s operating cash flow for the quarter was $5.8 billion, up $3 billion from the previous quarter. Net CapEx was $4.9 billion, resulting in an adjusted free cash flow of approximately $950 million.

6. Intel Net Cash

Intel had $25.030 billion in cash for the quarter ending September 30, 2023, up 10.95% from a year earlier.

7. Outlook for Intel Stock | Intel 2024 Outlook

Intel’s management is confident in its long-term financial goals, showcasing success in the last quarter, regaining technology leadership with Intel 18A, and delivering Meteor Lake and Emerald Rapids on time.

Intel Corp Stock Analysis: Intel Technical Analysis

Intel Corporation Stock AnalysisGraphical analysis of the Intel share price on the stock market:

Over the last 12 months, Intel shares are up 60%, a very good performance that outperforms the Nasdaq which increased by 46.8% over the same period. Intel stock started 2023 by bouncing off the $24.9 support.

The $32.7 area acted as resistance for a few weeks, then was exceeded in April 2023. This level will serve as new support for the rise in Intel shares over the rest of the year. 

Intel shares particularly accentuated their rise in the fall of 2023, forming a steeply sloping upward corridor that will end at the end of December 2023, hitting the resistance of $50.7. on the graph.

Intel stock’s mid-term trend is positive with its 50-day moving average above its 100-day moving average

The short-term trend for Intel stock is also positive with the 20-day moving average below its 50-day moving average. The MACD is positive and below its signal line and the Stochastic RSI is in a slight oversold zone.

Intel Stock Opinion: Is Intel a Good Stock to Buy?

Intel stock offers compelling arguments for investment due to its recent financial performance and long-term growth prospects, especially in key segments and the PC market.

Intel’s financial performance in the last quarter exceeded expectations, despite a decrease in revenue compared to the previous year, especially in growth segments like Mobileye and Foundry.

In addition, analysts predict a recovery in the PC market, which could support Intel’s results in the coming years.

Three of Intel’s five operating segments have experienced revenue contractions, indicating potential challenges for certain areas and raising concerns about long-term growth.

Intel’s earnings per share were strongly impacted by this contraction in turnover in 2023 and will be an indicator to follow very closely in 2024.

What is the future of Intel Stock?

The future of Intel Stock is subject to various factors, including earnings and revenue growth, return on equity, and analyst predictions. Here is the Intel Stock future outlook:

  • According to Simply Wall St, Intel’s earnings and revenue growth are forecasted at 58.6% and 9.8% per annum, respectively.
  • EPS growth rate at 58.7% per annum.
  • Profitability expected over the next 3 years, faster than savings rate (2.2%).
  • Traders Union predicts Intel stock to reach $54.10 by 2025, $88.91 by 2030, and $132.31 by 2034.
  • TipRanks average price target is $45.46, with a high forecast of $68.00 and a low forecast of $17.00.
  • Motley Fool recommends Intel, advising investors to consider risks and potential rewards before investing.


In conclusion, the question remains: Is Intel a good stock to buy? To figure out if Intel is a good buy, you’ve got to understand where they stand in the market, how financially sturdy they are, and how well they handle the ever-changing tech scene. Every investment decision has its quirks and risks. So, as you step into the world of investing, just stay informed, chat with pros if you need to, and make choices that match your money goals.


Q: What is Intel stock?

Intel stock is a share in the technology company Intel Corporation, a major chipmaker for computers and data centers. It has a market cap of $197.056B as of January 2024. It trades on the Nasdaq exchange.

Q: Why is intel stock so cheap?

Intel stock is relatively cheap due to its struggles with the cyclical downturn in PC sales, PC market decline, a shift towards AI chips, raising concerns about its future growth and its challenges in regaining market share from more innovative competitors

Q: Why is intel stock so low?

Intel’s stock has been performing low due to a shrinking PC market, rising competition, Competition, PC slump, AI chip focus weighing on Intel’s growth prospects, and a loss of share to Advanced Micro Devices.

Q: What will Intel stock be worth in 2025?

Intel’s stock price forecast for 2025 is $51.34 with a high prediction of $69.61 and a low estimate of $45.49. However, Stock prices are influenced by market trends, company performance, and global events, making them subject to change.

Q: What is Intel Stock symbol?

The stock symbol for Intel Corporation is INTC.

Q: Is Intel stock a good buy right now?

Intel’s stock is facing challenges due to a shrinking PC market, rising competition, and loss of share to Advanced Micro Devices. Analysts predict a 20.7% downside from $47.12, based on these factors, it may not be a good time to buy Intel stock.

Q: How much is Intel stock worth?

Intel stock is currently worth $46.73 per share as of January 2024.

Q: Is Intel a buy or hold?

Intel stock is currently a hold, with a consensus rating of 2.10 based on 6 buy ratings, 20 hold ratings, and 3 sell ratings.

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